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Table 1 The questions used in the two phases of the semi-structured interviews

From: Intensive care unit (ICU) diaries and the experiences of patients’ families: a grounded theory approach in a lower middle-income country (LMIC)

Family Questionnaire
1. Can you tell me how you used the dairy during your family member’s stay in the ICU?
2. Can you tell me what you wrote and perhaps also why?* Can you tell me what you wrote?
3. How did it make you feel to write in the diary? * Are you able to express your feelings completely? If yes, why? If no, why?
4. Do you see a connection between how the diary was used and the course of your family member’s health condition?
5. Others will read what you wrote? How does that affect you?
6. Have you read what the staff members wrote during the ICU stay? How did that make you feel?
*Do you feel any changes in your knowledge of hospital & ICU after writing the diary?
*How does this knowledge help in a change in perception about the ICU Staffs, Doctors and Severe sickness changes?
7. Have you spoken about the diary to family members or friends? #
*What is your opinion if the diary is kept alongside patients bed?
*Will it be more useful to you or easier to read & write?
*Do you think it should be sent home or not?
*In-home, how is diary helping you, or the patient?
8. What do you think about the design of the diary? (Format, materials used, appearance) #
  1. Questions marked with a *were added or modified in phase 2: new question is in italics
  2. Questions marked with a # were removed in phase 2