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Table 2 Participants’ characteristics

From: The impact of patient-reported outcome data from clinical trials: perspectives from international stakeholders

Stakeholder group Country Type of institution Participant number
Academic trialists USA University 1
Australia University 2
The Netherlands University 3
Canada University 9
USA University 10
Industry trialists USA Research institute 4
USA Research institute 5
UK Pharmaceutical company 11
USA Pharmaceutical company 16
USA Global contract research organisation 17
Journal editors USA Peer-reviewed medical journal 7
UK Peer-reviewed medical journal 15
USA Peer-reviewed medical journal 24
Clinicians USA University 1*
UK Government 8*
Canada University 9*
UK Charity 18*
USA Funding institute 19*
UK University 23
UK University 24*
Policy-makers and regulators USA Regulatory agency 6
UK Regulatory agency 8
Germany Reimbursement agency 12
UK Regulatory agency 13
UK Reimbursement agency 14
Funders UK Charity 18
USA Funding institute 19
UK Government 20
USA Funding institute 21
USA Funding institute 22
  1. *Participant included in two different stakeholder groups