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Table 1 Estimated effect on response to QOL questionnaire (N = 1767)

From: Simple change in logistic procedure improves response rate to QOL assessment: a report from the Japan Children’s Cancer Group

 Model 1aModel 2bModel 3cModel 4dModel 5e
After the change in procedure0.790.63 to 1.001.641.13 to 2.381.621.11 to 2.351.470.93 to 2.321.470.93 to 2.32
Timing of distribution (per 1 year)0.740.65 to 0.840.740.65 to 0.84
Timing of distribution (per 1 year) before the change in procedure0.730.64 to 0.840.730.64 to 0.84
Timing of distribution (per 1 year) after the change in procedure0.860.56 to 1.310.860.56 to 1.32
Child’s age (per 1 years old)0.960.94 to 0.990.960.94 to 0.990.960.94 to 0.99
Hospital volume (per 10 cases registered in ALL-B12)0.970.82 to 1.160.980.82 to 1.17
  1. AOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval, QOL quality of life
  2. a–eDependent variable: QOL questionnaires that received a response (1) or no response (0)
  3. a–eRandom effect: each center of JPLSG (number of centers = 134)
  4. a–cGeneralized linear mixed model
  5. d–eRegression discontinuity design