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Table 5 One-Goal GAS sensitivity analysisa

From: The responsiveness of goal attainment scaling using just one goal in controlled clinical trials: an exploratory analysis

nPre Mean (SD)Post Mean (SD)nPre Mean (SD)Post Mean (SD)
 Clinician-Rated GAS6650.0 (0.0)50.5 (8.7)6150.0 (0.0)52.6 (9.1).190.248.9
 Outcome Goal GAS7640.0 (0.0)43.8 (6.5)8439.9 (1.0)48.8 (6.0)<.0010.826.3
 Total Goal GAS7940.0 (0.0)42.5 (4.8)8440.0 (0.0)47.6 (7.3)<.0010.826.2
  1. aOne-Goal GAS analyses (clinician-rated GAS in VISTA and both outcome and total goal GAS in MGAT) repeated with a new set of randomly selected goals