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Table 3 VISTA patient- and clinician-rated GAS scores and treatment response for multiple- and one-goal GAS

From: The responsiveness of goal attainment scaling using just one goal in controlled clinical trials: an exploratory analysis

nPre Mean (SD)Post Mean (SD)nPre Mean (SD)Post Mean (SD)
Multiple-Goal GAS
 Patient-rated GAS6650.0 (0.0)52.2 (9.0)5750.0 (0.0)54.7 (10.2).150.269.6
 Clinician-rated GAS6550.0 (0.0)50.6 (9.2)6050.0 (0.0)55.1 (9.5).010.489.3
One-Goal GAS
 Patient-rated GAS6650.0 (0.0)52.1 (9.7)6150.0 (0.0)53.1 (9.4).560.109.6
 Clinician-rated GAS6650.0 (0.0)51.3 (8.9)6150.0 (0.0)53.9 (8.5).100.298.7
  1. Note. SRMs were derived as the mean difference between treatment groups divided by the pooled standard deviation of their change. SDp Pooled Standard Deviation of Change