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Table 3 Test re-test reliability of BSHS-B- Np

From: Cross cultural adaptation and validation of burn specific health scale- brief in Nepali (BSHS-B-Np)

DomainsInterclass correlation coefficient (ICC)95% confidence intervalP value
Lower boundUpper bound
Heat sensitivity0.870.750.93< 0.001
Affect0.870.740.93< 0.001
Hand Function0.910.830.96< 0.001
Treatment regimens0.860.740.93< 0.001
Work0.820.650.91< 0.001
Interpersonal relationship111< 0.001
Simple Abilities0.790.580.89< 0.001
Body image0.80.620.9< 0.001
Total score0.960.920.98< 0.001