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Table 1 Patient reported outcome measures of anxiety: content mapping

From: What are the optimal measures to identify anxiety and depression in people diagnosed with head and neck cancer (HNC): a systematic review

Anxiety (adapted from DSM-5)HADSSTAISASBAIMASQDASS 21Duke-ADBSI-18GAD-7
Muscle tension  
Sleep disturbances       
Disturbing thoughts 
Number domains covered466445545
  1. - Present
  2. HADS Hospital anxiety and depression scale; STAI State trait anxiety inventory, SAS Zung self-rating anxiety scale, BAI Beck Anxiety inventory, MASQ Mood and anxiety symptom questionnaire, DASS 21 Depression anxiety stress scale −21, Duke-AD Duke anxiety depression scale, BSI-18 Brief symptom inventory − 18, GAD-7 Generalized anxiety disorder – 7