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Table 2 Example quotations illustrating participant expectations of BCT

From: Expectations of breast-conserving therapy: a qualitative study

Theme; SubthemeExample Quotation
Experience of Cancer Care“So I’m expecting them to say that it’s good to go and hopefully…get the process started with the radiation, and I don’t know how quickly that moves along.” (6 weeks postoperative, Age 65)
Recovery; Surgery“I was instructed, the more you move, the better—of course, within reason. And that’s what I did. And I had complete range of motion within a couple days.” (13 months postoperative, Age 59)
Recovery; Radiation“Well, radiation—actually, this was my first time. I had no expectation.” (6 months postoperative, Age 57)
Recovery; Radiation“I think that it leaves a burn mark. On my sister it was a burn patch. You could see that it was burnt. So I’m expecting that.” (Preoperative, Age 53)
Appearance; Breast Appearance“I’m not sure what to expect. It didn’t sound too invasive. And the tumor itself is not that big. So I don’t know.” (Preoperative, Age 49).
Appearance; Breast Appearance“I was concerned, yes. I was concerned about it because I like my [breasts], honest, I do, and that I was going to be slightly disfigured or it was going to be a big difference in size.” (6 months postoperative, Age 46).
HR-QOL; Psychosocial Well-being“[My] social and work life are very much connected, so I don’t think it impacts anything else, other than the people. They’re a little bit more concerned now than they were before, and the same holds for me.” (Preoperative, Age 49)
HR-QOL; Sexual Well-being“This is cancer. I’ll deal with that after I get well. [Hormone therapy] gives you menopause. But I was already sort of going through menopause. So…it was the last thing on my mind, actually.” (13 months postoperative, Age 53)