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Table 3 Characteristics of studies

From: A systematic review of the measurement properties of patient reported outcome measures used for adults with an ankle fracture

Article, PROM and LanguageNumber of participants (n)Age mean (±, range) (yrs)Gender (% female)Injury InformationFollow up duration mean (±, range)Method of Collection
Buker et al. (2018) OMAS, Turkish9141.54 (±13.28, 20–60)30.8%Operatively managed ankle #s27.92 months (±8.94, range N/S)Initial in clinic, follow up in clinic or on telephone
Garratt et al. (2018) OMAS, NorwegianCohort 959, 299 for test-retest questionnaire57.5 (± N/S, 22.2–91.2)56.8%Operatively managed ankle #sNot specified, stated recruited over a 3 year periodAt home via post
McPhail et al. (2014) A-FORM, EnglishDelphi panel – 8
Cohort - 41
36.8 (± N/S, 26.1–53.8)27%Operatively managed (46.3%) and non-operatively managed (53.7%) ankle #s6–8 week post injury and at 12–16 weeks post injuryEither in clinic or at home via post
Olerud and Molander (1984) OMAS, Language N/S90N/SN/SOperatively managed ankle #sN/SN/S
Turhan et al. (2018) OMAS, Turkish10042.3 (±17.7, 16–81)49%Operatively (57%) and non-operatively managed (43%) ankle #s4.3 years (± and range N/S)N/S
Zelle et al. (2017) AAOS, Spanish100 (83 returned 1st questionnaire, 63 returned 2nd questionnaire)42.98 (± N/S,18–88)41%58 ankle #s, 5 talus #s, 1 Achilles tendon rupture, 11 calcaneus #s, 6 midfoot #s. 73 operatively managed and 27 non-operatively managed3.97 months (±4.71 range N/S)Initial at clinic or via post, follow up was via post.
  1. Key: N/S = not specified, ± = standard deviation, # = fracture; shows the characteristics of the six studies included in this review. Table 4 shows the overall methodological quality for each measurement property assessed in each of the articles using the COSMIN Risk of Bias Checklist [28]. The four articles which underwent the second review process for both risk of bias assessment and data extraction, following COSMIN guidance, are marked on the table with an asterisk