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Table 1 Hypotheses set for construct validity testing

From: A systematic review of the measurement properties of patient reported outcome measures used for adults with an ankle fracture

Hypothesis NumberHypothesis
1Correlation with scores of instruments measuring a similar construct or another PROM included in the pre-specified list will be highly or moderately to highly correlated.
2Correlation with scores of instruments measuring related but not the same constructs, for example generic disability scores or health related quality of life measures will be either moderately to highly or moderately correlated.
3A weak to moderate correlation will be observed between PROM/s scores of instruments included here and two different subgroups of patients. These subgroups will be individuals who have had their fracture managed operatively and those who have had their fracture managed non-operatively. Here, fracture management is used as a surrogate for severity of fracture (i.e. more severe fractures usually managed operatively). Therefore, we would expect to see a weak to moderate correlation between the PROM score and the severity of the fracture.