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Table 1 Symptom concepts and supporting quotes

From: A qualitative study exploring the health-related quality of life and symptomatic experiences of adults and adolescents with ulcerative colitis

1. Okay, so you were asked to make a collage to reflect your life with <participant’s term for UC> or how you feel about <participant’s term for UC>. Do you have that with you? Now could you tell me about the images here.
2. How else would you describe that feeling? What other words would you use to talk about it?
3. Do you ever have times when your <participant’s term for UC> is worse than usual? Can you walk me through a one of those days, what is it like in the morning/afternoon/evening?
4. Can you tell me more about how your <participant’s term for UC> affects what you do day-today?
5. I’m going to ask you to be a bit creative now. Can you think about your <participant’s term forUC> is if it were an animal? What animal best represents your <participant’s term for UC>?Why is that?