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Table 3 Qualitative support for MSQ v2.1 ePRO RFR domain concepts

From: Content validity of the Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire version 2.1 electronic patient-reported outcome

MSQ v2.1 ePRO RFR domain Concepts Example Quotes
Item 1: Interfere with family, friends, and others • At first some of my friends would think I didn’t want to really go out with them because, you know, it [cancelling] would happen repeatedly.
• Definitely for me it affects how I feel my relationships with people are, you know.
Item 2: Interfere with leisure time activities • Physical activity is something that I do for leisure. So, sometimes I can’t do that.
• I--really I love to play tennis and golf and read, and so it [migraine attacks] affects all of those.
Item 3: Difficulty performing work or daily activities • I’ve been at work before and had to either lay down and fight through them just for a little bit or, sometimes I’ve just had to leave work and go home.
• I have to modify my lesson plan for my students, because I really can’t present a lot in front of them.
• It’s just so hard for me to just function to drive—to drive a car, to do, you know, all these things that are normally required of people.
• Work as I have been saying, I just force myself to power through it.
Item 4: Keep you from getting as much done at work or at home • When I say I can’t function, I can’t cook. I can’t clean up anything. I can’t--just simple tasks that you would think, you know, talking on the phone. I can’t even look at my phone, because the light on the phone just sends me into a whirlwind of just like haze.
• I couldn’t get things done… things for work.
• I go to work even with or without a migraine attack. I’m sure I’m not able to work as efficiently.
• I might have been able to get some stuff, but was I actually able to get all of it? And the general answer would be no. I wouldn’t be able to get everything I wanted done because I’m either moving slower, or I’m making mistakes.
Item 5: Limit your ability to concentrate • I feel like you kind of lose a sense of, um, being able to focus, you know, because all you feel is my head hurts this bad. I don’t know what you’re saying to me right now or what, you know. Just the processing is slowed down for sure.
• My ability to focus on what I’m trying to read and follow the words and everything has diminished a lot.
Item 6: Left you too tired • You’re exhausted from how bad your head hurt, you know that whole time. So, I would definitely say, um, the majority of the fatigue is after the worst part of the pain has subsided.
• Using an example of grading papers… I’m just too tired. I’m not going to do it, so.
• I guess post-migraine attack residual headache, um, that’s like I’m so lethargic. I’m like a sloth.
Item 7: Limited the number of days you felt energetic • It does affect the energy level. I—I mean, I, you know, most of the time I wake up in the morning even if it’s a really mild headache I feel like it’s like, okay. Here’s another headache, you know. I—I don’t have a—it definitely takes a lot of energy out of me.
• When it’s [migraine attack] really bad, my energy is, you know, sinks pretty low.