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Table 2 Item parameters, fit statistics, local dependence, and DIF results for the 51 PROMIS® depression items

From: State of the psychometric methods: patient-reported outcome measure development and refinement using item response theory

#Item StemItem ParametersItem Fit b-DIF
1I felt hopeless4.460.380.971.532.23116.288 
2I felt worthless4.170.441.001.572.14102.091 
3I felt depressed3.84−0.110.591.292.15163.4120 
4I felt unhappy3.81−0.390.411.272.06151.5120 
5I felt that nothing could cheer me up3.730.320.941.732.3499.498 
6I felt like a failure3.730.190.721.582.05137.2116 
7I felt helpless3.650.350.941.672.36115.0105 
8I felt that I wanted to give up on everything3.60.561.11.62.3111.395 
9I felt that I had nothing to look forward to3.30.310.81.52.3147.1117 
10I felt that my life was empty3.240.280.731.562.11148.5120 
11I felt emotionally exhausted3.32−0.180.491.272.05126.0133 
12I felt sad3.20−0.470.371.312.29205.7131 
13I felt I had no reason for living3.10.921.51.92.683.27121,29,35 
14I found that things in my life were overwhelming3.1− 
15I felt that I was not needed3.080.210.841.552.38162.4127 
16I felt disappointed in myself3.05−0.350.391.312.09199.9146 
17I felt like I needed help for my depression3.00.541.011.72.2150.2105 
18I had trouble enjoying the things I used to enjoy2.9−0.090.601.42.2165.2146 
19I felt discouraged about the future2.92−0.260.371.312.09159.4153 
20I felt that I was to blame for things2.88−0.020.731.632.38181.3141 
21I wished I were dead and away from it all2.,29,35 
22I felt upset for no reason2.830.230.931.852.93135.3117 
23I felt that nothing was interesting2.830.060.871.902.64122.1122 
24I felt I was not as good as other people2.80.150.801.62.3161.5130 
25I withdrew from other people2.720.040.701.472.30160.5144 
26I had trouble making decisions2.71−0.160.751.662.57174.814032,38 
27I had trouble feeling close to people2.66−0.120.551.412.24153.6155 
28I felt pessimistic2.65−0.300.481.382.23198.8155 
29I felt that others would be better off if I were dead2.61.101.552.43.070.16713,21,35 
30I felt lonely2.54−0.090.601.452.21186.0158 
31I felt unloved2.510.260.901.762.48161.8136 
32I had trouble thinking clearly2.51−0.150.781.842.84178.714526,38 
33I had mood swings2.45−0.320.561.422.32181.8153 
34I felt like crying2.440.050.821.672.62178.51484543.44
35I thought about suicide2.431.341.802.372.8674.95413,21,29 
36I felt ignored by people2.41−0.070.731.672.55190.2150 
37I felt guilty2.390.070.861.762.54160.8139 
38I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing2.4−0.470.451.72.7187.615226,32 
39I felt that everything I did was an effort2.3−0.210.601.52.4181.3165 
40My thinking was slower than usual2.12−0.220.782.093.11155.613946 
41I felt slowed down2.09−0.480.381.472.55226.916843,44 
42I felt like being alone1.99−0.83−  
43I got tired more easily than usual1.99−0.560.241.372.39216.318241,44 
44I felt that I had no energy1.99−0.810.151.202.39192.418241,43 
45I had crying spells1.990.831.492.343.33122.01093434.74
46I reacted slowly to things that were done or said1.9−0.180.932.33.3160.814340 
47I was unable to do many of my usual activities1. 
48I had little desire to eat1.480.291.392.703.86175.3151 
49I disliked the way my body looked1.39−1.07−0.310.871.82299.4217 76.44
50I ate more than usual1.19−0.540.702.333.73227.8180 
51I lost weight without trying0.571.904.247.039.39151.8124 
  1. Note. Italicized S-Χ2 and Χ2 values are significant at p < 0.01 after Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiplicity
  2. LD Local dependence detected with indicated item numbers
  3. The current calibrations are provided for didactic purposes and are not intended to replace the official PROMIS® parameters or to be used for research