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Table 3 Patient/surrogate and provider assessment of satisfaction with the TAILOR tool

From: We’re not all cut from the same cloth: TAILORing treatments for children with chronic conditions

Aggregate satisfaction domains across pilots Total responses, n Agree or strongly agree rating, n (%)
Patient/surrogate (parent, teacher)
 Data improved communication with provider 12 12 (100)
 TAILOR was a convenient way to share information with provider 12 11 (91.7)
 Helped understand outcomes of interest 12 12 (100)
 Helped provider make best plan for child/student care 12 12 (100)
 Helped provider understand client challenges and successes of implementing intervention. 12 11 (91.7)
 Helped patient/surrogate understand the successes of intervention 12 11 (91.7)
 Gave information that helped patient/surrogate and provider make decisions about child/student care 12 12 (100)
 TAILOR tool helped patient/surrogate track outcomes of interest a 7 6 (85.7)
 Would recommend TAILOR tool to others a 7 6 (85.7)
 Felt more involved in decisions about child/student care b 2 2 (100)
 Interested in using TAILOR tool to support decision making for child/student care in the future b 2 2 (100)
Providers (healthcare provider, consultant)
 Improved communication with patient/surrogate 18 17 (94.4)
 Increased patient/surrogate engagement in decision making 18 17 (94.4)
 Helped provider understand efficacy of interventions for child/student 18 18 (100)
 Gave provider information that helped decision making and communication with patient/surrogate about child/student care 18 16 (88.9)
 TAILOR tool was a convenient way to collect information from patient/surrogate 18 18 (100)
 Using the TAILOR tool took a reasonable amount of time 19 19 (100)
 The periodic survey data helped provider better understand trends in child/student outcomes of interest 18 16 (88.9)
 Would recommend TAILOR tool to others 19 18 (94.7)
 Reviewing the survey data took a reasonable amount of time d 15 14 (93.3)
 Gathered useful data from the child/student’s teacher b 2 2 (100)
 Would be interested in using a tool like TAILOR in the futureb 4 3 (75)
 Helped provider identify needs with patient/surrogate for future support and intervention c 3 2 (66.7)
  1. Key: a asked in ADHD and IPBI pilots only; b asked in ADHD pilot only; c asked in IPBI pilot only; d asked in ADHD and EI pilots only