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Table 2 Adverse events included in the PRO-CTCAE for melanoma patients receiving immunotherapy based on findings in medical records, literature review and product information

From: Selection of patient reported outcomes questions reflecting symptoms for patients with metastatic melanoma receiving immunotherapy

Frequency of Adverse Events CTCAE terms Literature review Medical records Product information PRO-CTCAE symptom terms
Very common (may affect more than 1 in 10 people) Vomiting X   x Vomiting
Nausea x x x Nausea
Anorexia x x x Decreased appetite
Diarrhea x x x Diarrhea/Loose or watery stool
Abdominal pain x x x Abdominal pain
Constipation x   x Constipation
Rash x x x Rash
Pruritus x x x Itching
Dyspnea x    Shortness of breath
Myalgia x x   Muscle pain
Arthralgia x x x Joint pain
Fatigue x x x Fatigue
Injection site reaction    x Pain and swelling at injection site
Headache x x   Headache
Chills x x   Chills
̽Asthenia x   x  
Common (may effect up to 1 in 10 people Mucositis (oral) x x x Mouth/throat sores
Dry skin x x x Skin dryness
Alopecia x   x Hair loss
Blurred vision x x x Blurred vision
Cough x x x Cough
Dysgeusia x x x Taste changes
Dizziness x x x Dizziness
Edema x   x Swelling
Pain x   x General pain
Peripheral sensory neuropathy   x x Numbness & tingling
Hot Flashes x   x Hot flashes
̽Flu –like symptoms   x x  
̽Pain in extremity x   x  
̽Back pain x   x  
Uncommon/not present Depression (2 items)   x   Discouraged Sad
Blood in stool