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Table 1 Mean values obtained for the six items of the SS-QoL-12 psychosocial subscale

From: Relationship between functional independence and psychosocial quality of life of stroke survivors undergoing outpatient rehabilitation in Maiduguri, Nigeria

Item   *Mean (SD)
Thinking: I had trouble remembering things 3.80 (1.51)
Family Relation: I felt I was a burden to my family 3.63 (1.62)
Social Role: My physical condition interfered with my social life 2.98 (1.68)
Personality: My personality has changed 3.10 (1.66)
Mood: I was discouraged about my future 3.95 (1.47)
Energy: I was too tired to do what I wanted to do 2.66 (1.63)
  1. *maximum score possible is 5; higher score depicts better QoL