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Table 3 Gastroparesis Signs and Symptoms

From: The content validity of the ANMS GCSI-DD in patients with idiopathic or diabetic gastroparesis


Symptoms Spontaneously

Reported (N, %)

Representative Quotes

Total (N = 25)

IG (N = 15)

DG (N = 10)

Abdominal pain

20 (80%)

13 (87%)

7 (70%)

“Yeah so for me it’s in my upper left quadrant, like right underneath my rib cage. It’s constant. It’s always there and there’s some days where it’s worse and there’s some days where it’s less and then there’s some days where I also get pain on like my mid-right abdomen.” (005–004)

“And the abdominal pain that comes either they come in cramps or they come in stabbing pains.” (005–001)


18 (72%)

12 (80%)

6 (60%)

“I have a low level of nausea all day, like pretty much all day I could throw up and I’m keeping myself from throwing up.” (005–008)


13 (52%)

8 (53%)

5 (50%)

…it’s almost like a fire hydrant sometimes when I go to throw up to where it’s just spewing right out and to where sometimes…I can feel like the muscles straining from trying to open up to get it to come out to where it hurts a lot.” (004–010)

“Non-stop throwing up for a few minutes, being unable to hold it—the stomach is unable to hold anything in, and even the smell of the breath would be bad. You experience fever, sweat, things like that.” (002–006)


11 (44%)

5 (33%)

6 (60%)

“It’s just my whole abdomen area, my whole stomach area that pretty much gets bloated…it just get big, like a beer belly.” (002–001)

Early satiety

9 (36%)

7 (47%)

2 (20%)

“Feeling full all the time even if I’d only taken a bite or two of food.” (003–001)

“Not being able to finish half of a meal. It’s frustrating to me not being able to finish um even half of what everybody else is eating.” (004–001)

Post-prandial fullness

6 (24%)

5 (33%)

1 (10%)

“Feeling like you can’t possibly put another bite into your mouth.” (002–002)

“You’re just stuffed full.” (003–001)