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Table 3 Negative Perceptions of Injection Device Attributes (N = 32)

From: Development of the Diabetes Injection Device Experience Questionnaire (DID-EQ) and Diabetes Injection Device Preference Questionnaire (DID-PQ)

Injection Device Feature Number of Patients Reporting Negative Perceptions Example Quotations
Spontaneousa Promptedb Totalc
Needle 14 4 18 I think I don’t like the fact that after you mix it up, you now have to screw the needle on top of it.
Portability 10 6 16 Well, like I said, I don’t carry it with me, I—I do it at my house because it is too big to carry.
Discreetness 4 11 15 This was a little bit bigger where it was much more difficult to take it without someone seeing it or, you know, realizing what I’m doing.
Storage 9 6 15 Storage, um, the box takes up a little bit of room in my refrigerator, I would rather it be a smaller box...
Injection preparation 12 2 14 When you’re mixing them you have to be careful, you know, how you mix it…I wish I didn’t have to go through the stages of, you know, mixing it and, um, shaking the device, and making sure it’s well diluted, you know. It’s a waste of time.
Confidence in appropriate device usage 10 2 12 Any little mistake could like, you know, it could result to like, not proper administration of dosage.
Size 9 2 11 It’s a little bit cumbersome, a little bit too big.
Injection comfort 9 2 11 It’s getting plenty sore, I’ve got to try to find a different area every week.
Multiple parts 9 1 10 I’d prefer if it was just together.
Dose delivery confidence/confirmation 6 3 9 I will say I wonder sometimes if it all goes in because they’ll be like – when I pull it out sometimes there will be liquid at the end of it. So yeah, I guess sometimes I wonder if it’s all going in.
Dosing schedule 3 4 7 It’s a bad thing because it’s not something you can do in a hurry or if you’re on the run.
Injection timing/flexibility 2 5 7 There is a strict time window, you must take it in the hour before you eat a large meal. That can be—that can be problematic.
Injection site 4 3 7 You can only do it in certain areas of your body…The part that bothers me is that it can get very sensitive so you have to find a spot that’s not sensitive.
  1. aConcepts introduced by participants without prior mention by the interviewer
  2. bConcepts endorsed by participants in response to prompting from the interviewer
  3. cThe total number of participants endorsing a concept either spontaneously or in response to prompting