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Table 2 Positive Perceptions of Injection Device Attributes (N = 32)

From: Development of the Diabetes Injection Device Experience Questionnaire (DID-EQ) and Diabetes Injection Device Preference Questionnaire (DID-PQ)

Injection Device Attribute Number of Patients Reporting Positive Perceptions Example Quotations
Spontaneousa Promptedb Totalc
Injection preparation 21 9 30 You just put the needle on top, screw the needle on, and you set the—the dial, and you press the button. So, it’s very easy.
Injection comfort 10 18 28 … it was painless.
Needle 13 15 28 I like that I’m not having to put the needle in myself.
Dose delivery confidence/confirmation 12 16 28 It’s premeasured and all I have to do is make sure that it’s mixed and inject.
Injection frequency 8 17 25 I do not have to inject the [medication] every day, but only once a week. I think that is just great.
Selecting dose 11 14 25 The pen does it itself…I like that. I wouldn’t like to select how much I needed each day as I believe you have to with some insulins.
Disposal 3 21 24 Everything is fine on the way you take it apart and dispose of it.
Time requirements 5 19 24 It’s very quick and easy.
Size 7 16 23 It’s compact in size, you can carry it in your pocket.
Design/appearance 3 19 22 There’s bright colors on there as well, so obviously it’s easy to notice or easy to spot. I know it’s separate from my other medication.
Storage 6 16 22 It’s, you know, it’s a little compact, so it doesn’t take much space.
Portability 6 15 21 It is easy to carry with me.
Dosing schedule 11 9 20 It is routine now and when it is routine all that becomes automatic and so I actually do not forget because it is always the next item on the agenda after breakfast.
Injection timing/flexibility 2 17 19 It gives you a lot more control, a lot more freedom of not being able to take it if you’re not—you know, when it’s convenient for you.
Discreetness 0 11 11 I don’t want everyone to know what I’m taking. But then it’s very discreet that it looks like I might be using it just to write something, but it’s not.
Confidence in appropriate device usage 7 2 9 I liked how the little, uh, thing popped out of the end of the pen, the little pump thing, pops out at the end of the pen, I really like that because it showed me that I did it correctly.
  1. aConcepts introduced by participants without prior mention by the interviewer
  2. bConcepts endorsed by participants in response to prompting from the interviewer
  3. cThe total number of participants endorsing a concept either spontaneously or in response to prompting