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Table 6 Morisky Medication Adherence Scale

From: The relationship between comorbidity medication adherence and health related quality of life among patients with cancer

Question Response options
1. Do you sometimes forget to take your medications? Yes/No
2. People sometimes miss taking their medications for reasons other than forgetting. Over the past two weeks, were there any days when you did not take your medicine? Yes/No
3. Have you ever cut back or stopped taking your medication without telling your doctor, because you felt worse when you took it? Yes/No
4. When you travel or leave home, do you sometimes forget to bring your medication? Yes/No
5. When you feel like your health conditions are under control, do you sometimes stop taking your medicine? Yes/No
6. Taking medication every day is a real inconvenience for some people. Do you ever feel hassled about sticking to your treatment plan? Yes/No
7. Did you take all your medicine yesterday? Yes/No
8. How often do you have difficulty remembering to take all of your medications? Never/rarely
Once in a while
All of the time
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