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Table 4 HRQL: Angiomyolipoma vs. US-based Patient Norms

From: Burden of renal angiomyolipomas associated with tuberous sclerosis complex: results of a patient and caregiver survey

SF-12v2 Scores TSC-AML Adult Patients (Age > 18) (N = 51) Mean (SD) US Norms for Kidney Disease Patientsa (N = 80) Mean (SD) P valueb
Physical Component Summary (PCS) 39.6 (9.0) 37.9 (11.2) 0.185
Mental Component Summary (MCS) 42.5 (8.0) 45.2 (10.1) 0.0186
  1. aMean age for kidney disease norm data 56.8 years, 57% female. Reference: Ware et al. 2009 [36]
  2. bSignificance level of Student’s t-test angiomyolipoma vs. kidney disease
  3. AML Angiomyolipoma, HRQL health-related quality of life, MCS mental component summary, PCS physical component summary, SD standard deviation, SF-12v2 Short form 12-item survey, version 2.0, TSC Tuberous sclerosis complex, US United States