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Fig. 2

From: Changes in health-related quality of life and work-related outcomes for patients with mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis receiving short-term and long-term treatment with multimatrix mesalamine: a prospective, open-label study

Fig. 2

SF-12v2 score differences between trial patients and an age- and gender-matched US general population sample. PF: physical functioning; RP: role physical; BP: bodily pain; GH: general health; VT: vitality; SF: social functioning; RE: role emotional; MH: mental health; PCS: physical component summary; MCS: mental component summary. Error bars reflect 95% confidence intervals around mean differences. Significantly different from US general population sample based on P-values: * P < 0.05; † P < 0.01; ‡ P < 0.001

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