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Table 3 Item Mapping of participant quotations to BPI-sf “Worst Pain” (Item 3): Pleural participants (n = 19)

From: Content validity and ePRO usability of the BPI-sf and “worst pain” item with pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma

Item Supporting information Relevant quotes
Item 3: Please rate your pain by marking an “X” in the appropriate box that best describes your pain at its worst in the last 24 h. 6 participants were able to describe how they would rate their “worst pain” on the BPI-sf item 3; “Uh, so if you’d asked me two days ago maybe I would’ve said my pain in my stomach was a—a 2 or a 3 as a constant—a constant pain.” (002–010)
9 participants described their “worst pain” in the past 24 h during the CI portion of the interview ”.sometimes I get sharp – sharp shooting pains, stabbing pains. Sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes it lasts five minutes. But on average, it is – it is, ah, it is as much as it could be.” (002–005)