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Table 2 PRO Consortium Instrument Translation Process Documents

From: Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Consortium translation process: consensus development of updated best practices

Process Document Description
Translation Process Overview Provides information regarding the PRO Consortium, measure development, use of measure, instrument translation process goals, and repository that will be maintained of translation documents.
Glossary Defines terms, roles, and documents included in the process documents.
Step-by-step translation process documents:
 1. Universal
 2. Country-specific – New language
 3. Country-specific – Adaptation of existing language
Provides detailed descriptions of steps/sub-steps to be followed for each of the three types of translations.
Translation process flowcharts (3) Identifies steps to be followed for each of the three types of translations in a visual flow.
PRO Consortium Instrument Translation Report template For reports prepared by translation companies for PRO Consortium measures.
  1. PRO: patient-reported outcome