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Table 1 People involved in the Translatability Assessment (TA) process

From: Emerging good practices for Translatability Assessment (TA) of Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) measures

People to be involved Qualifications Rationale
Developer(s) of the patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure Researcher(s) involved in the development of the instrument being assessed. Developer(s) know(s) the purpose and intent of the measure and of each item. Best qualified to explain the concepts behind each item and the choice of response categories.
Developer(s) make(s) all final decisions in response to the TA recommendations.
Reviewer(s) Knowledge of language(s) other than the source language, at a near-native level.
Expert(s) in linguistic competency (i.e., able to deconstruct and analyze a sentence, understand the meaning of each component of a sentence and how they interact).
Experienced in multilingual projects of translation of PRO measures. A minimum of 5 years of continuous experience translating PROs is recommended.
Each reviewer is empowered to provide recommendations on the suitability of the source text for translation and to suggest modifications to the source text to improve future translatability.
Project Manager Experienced in linguistic validation and in conceptual analysis of PRO measures. The contribution of a project manager is needed and valuable for projects involving many target languages (when they are identified).
He/she is the key person who coordinates the process, facilitates the communication between the reviewers and the developer of the measure, and consolidates all reviewers’ comments.
He/she provides support to the developer during the development of the concept definition.