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Table 4 Comparison of methods according to the most severe, frequent, and bothersome AS symptoms

From: A comparison of three methods to generate a conceptual understanding of a disease based on the patients’ perspective

  Most Frequent Most Severe Most Impactful How was this Identified?
CE interviews (N = 12) Fatigue Neck pain Lower back pain Shoulder pain Lower back pain Neck pain Lower back pain Shoulder pain Neck pain Specifically probed during interview as each symptom was mentioned
Social media review (N = 100 posts) Unable to determine based on postsreviewed Fatigue Lower back pain Unable to determine based on posts reviewed If described within chatroom post.
GCM (N = 16) (Average rating data) Fatigue (2.4) Stiff neck (2.4) Restricted spine movement (2.2) Fatigue (2.6) Stiff neck (2.4) Stiff back (2.1) Fatigue (1.6) Neck pain (1.4) Stiff neck (1.4) Based on ‘ratings’ data (stage 3 of GCM)
  1. AS ankylosing spondylitis, CE concept elicitation, GCM group concept mapping