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Table 4 Plaque Psoriasis Signs

From: The content validity of the PSS in patients with plaque psoriasis

  N % Key quotes
Redness 20 100% 002–004: It starts—yeah, you start with almost like, um, a rosy colored, you know, where it starts and then, oh, within a matter of a few days you start to see the deeper red, and then, of course, it progresses where it gets like a little crusty and then if you let it go it gets like cracking.
Flaking 11 55% 002–004: It’s scaly, it flakes, um, it’s almost like a dead skin would be when it flakes—it’s annoying. In the very beginning, uh, it was very disturbing, but as I said I’ve had it, and there’s no cure basically for it, so I had to learn to, um, adjust to live with it, basically.
Scales 7 35% 003–007: Um, it was just breakouts, lesions all over my skin, just bit red, patchy, dry, scaly skin
Bleeding 6 30% 003–002: Um, I had to put patches on my elbows, because [the bleeding] was really bad. Anywhere that would bend, um, on my buttocks—I would always have blood on my clothes, because it would crack open every time you would sit down, put pressure.